Coup D'Etat Attempt - 1976

   (July 1976)
   Led by Captain Ohn Kyaw Myint, a group of younger captains and majors plotted the overthrow of President Ne Win, General San Yu, and Colonel Tin Oo (head of Military Intelligence), but they were arrested in July 1976. Put on trial in the fall, Ohn Kyaw Myint was sentenced to death and his fellow conspirators to terms in prison. Former Defense Minister Tin U was also tried and sentenced to a seven-year jail term for having known about the plot but failing to report it to the authorities. The young officers admired Tin U's reformist tendencies and wished to change Burma's one-party regime and socialist economic system. Following the coup attempt, promotions in the Tatmadaw were increasingly based on loyalty to Ne Win rather than talent.

Historical Dictionary of Burma (Myanmar). . 2014.

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